Innovation solutions to present day industrial automation problems require imagination, skill, and experience.  Let us engineer a solution for you.

For over 70 years, we have been engineering, designing, and fabricating custom machines. In addition, we have provided engineering modeling, analysis, testing, and data validation for many products. We firmly believe in strong engineering fundamentals. That has been a bedrock approach of any machine we have designed and built or any project we have undertaken.

We have a group of high talented and dedicated mechanical and electrical engineers that collectively represents over 500 years of industry experience. The philosophy of our engineers is simple. Get it done right the first time. Strong engineering background and overwhelming experience has allowed us to innovate products in many industries. It has been observed by many industry experts that our company’s DNA can be seen in many consumer and military products that are used today. Many of the machines we have designed over 50 years ago are still operating. Our clients have a deep understanding of our expertise and the value we bring to their products and processes. We become integrated as a part of our client’s team. Therefore, it is not unusual for us to have a long lasting relationship with our clients for many decades.

Consumer Products

  • Plastic Bottle Molds
  • Plastic Trimming/Assembly
  • Packaging Equipment Lines



  • Engine Intrumentation
  • Development/Durability
  • Engine Assembly Line


Materials & Process Handling

  • Steel/Aluminum/Glass Conveyance
  • Architechtural Glass Layouts
  • Material Specification Testing


“Our company was severely impacted by the economic downturn which crippled the automotive industry. This industry by far makes up the majority of our customer base. In 2011, new business opportunities developed quickly due to an automotive material shift from steel to aluminum. We needed to react quickly to meet the demands of our customer base. This new and growing demand relied on the rapid R & D of technology which we did not have. We immediately called Palmer and worked together on the development of this new technology which is currently Patent Pending. As a result of Palmer’s responsiveness, machine design engineering, and testing capabilities, we became an industry leader, which enabled our customer to be first to market utilizing our newly developed technology. We are pleased to work so closely with such a professional and technically excellent company.”