• Engine Instrumentation
  • Development/Durability
  • Engine Assembly Line
  • Insulation system for LNG
  • Testing equipment for new bearing test
  • Gear motor design for power transmission
  • Vehicle frame testing
  • Vehicle track design
  • Pipe insulation assembly machine
  • Custom fatigue test machine
  • Custom load cell design
  • Pipe insulation assembly machine on the ship
  • High Speed Bearing Tester

“In the Global Product Innovation group at O-I, we commissioned Palmer Associates to develop a test instrument that would allow us to quantify product innovation. The team at Palmer worked with us to define a scope and list of critical deliverables that would meet the needs of the project, but we had a hardware/software prerequisite we wanted to incorporate into the instrument. Palmer had no previous experience with our choice of HW/SW, but embraced the challenge. Marv and his team at Palmer were creative and persistent through the invention and concept phase; swift and efficient through the execution phase and comprehensive through the validation phase. The project is now complete, patents are pending and customers of O-I are engaged with this new capability thanks, in large part, to the team at Palmer.”