• Engine Instrumentation
  • Development/Durability
  • Engine Assembly Line
  • Insulation system for LNG
  • Testing equipment for new bearing test
  • Gear motor design for power transmission
  • Vehicle frame testing
  • Vehicle track design
  • Pipe insulation assembly machine
  • Custom fatigue test machine
  • Custom load cell design
  • Pipe insulation assembly machine on the ship
  • High Speed Bearing Tester

“Ti Marine Contracting and Palmer Associates have been working together since 1980 to design and build production systems for the cryogenic insulation industry in the marine field. Palmer Associates has truly contributed to Ti Marine Contracting’s success as one of the main players in this highly specialized field, around the world. Palmer has numerous times shown the company’s capability to deliver creative and productive solutions even in difficult projects. The fact that Palmer has the capability to work in different fields like mechanical, electrical, pneumatic as well being able to design and perform FEM analysis, has made this company a most valuable partner for Ti Marine Contracting. Ti Marine Contracting is particularly appreciating Palmer for: Readiness to assist and high motivation of the staff, Good understanding of how to solve problems, and timely delivery”