Consumer Products

  • Plastic Bottle Molds
  • Plastic Trimming/Assembly
  • Packaging Equipment Lines
  • Glove making machine for fast food industry from very thin material
  • Plastic bottle trimming flash and facing
  • Plastic bottle in-molding machines
  • Putting spouts on the liquid detergent bottle
  • Machine to put coating on wood for a furniture manufacturer
  • Detailing evidence lockers
  • Paper Board cutting and forming for donut boxes
  • Process equipment for foam insulation
  • Testing equipment for beer bottle
  • Solar Panel Mounting System
  • Bottle coating system

“..Racing Front Fender is the culmination of 4 years of testing and racing and was designed by Palmer Associates, Inc. of Toledo, Ohio. …… Craig Finch, their Senior Design Engineer developed this front fender for us and knew just after one look at the stock fender and bodywork that we had to get the wind away from the leading edge of the front bodywork and move it up and over the nose for a faster flowing air at high speeds.  When you see the top of the fender, you notice right away the strange top wing (or horns) on the fender, this helps move the wind up and over the nose of the Hayabusa, while the enlarged fender sides allows the air to glide around the forks and over the leading edge of the side panels.”

- Guy Caputo, Owner of Tiger Racing