New Product/Project

In 2015, we engineered, built, and/or tested the following custom machines and products for our customers.

  1. Scrap Tub The Following features were incorporated in the design
    • Handle large capacity scrap material
    • Bottom drop for ease of emptying
    • It can be carried by pallet lift or lifted by coil grabbed (see the photo)
    • Designed to work with minimum chute length


  1. Rotating scaffolding systems to apply insulating panels to spherical tanks
    • Application for this system is to install insulation panel to the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tank on the ship.
    • Unique to each ship design
    • Tight clearance to move around in tight space
    • Delivered as a turnkey system


  1. Electrostatic Oiler for applying a very thin film of oil on metal under the brand name ECT (Engineered Coating Technologies) by Palmer  ( )
    • Custom design to fit in an existing UAS Oiler envelope( )
    • Used unique ECT blade design that offers largest performance range


  1. Thin plastic Material handling machine
    • Engineered and built to handle very thin (4 mil) plastic material
    • The machine will feed, form, and bond the material to make disposable gloves for food industry
    • It can be redesign for any other application
  2. Vacuum System for stacking aluminum sheets on a blanking line for automotive Industry
    • Designed and Built to handle both aluminum and steel sheet on the same line
  3. Several Vehicle testing programs completed
    • Automotive suspension system fatigue testing equipment for load and environment
    • Ride evaluation test equipment for automotive on and off road ride analysis
    • Class eight truck testing and load response evaluation and design for over the road tankers.
    • Fatigue analysis and test development for American with Disability Act (ADA) vehicle. It included test track event design and durability routing
    • Vehicle and sub-system test track event design for durability evaluations
    • Design and Development for measuring engine component running deflections for new fuel efficient power plant.


“Our company was severely impacted by the economic downturn which crippled the automotive industry. This industry by far makes up the majority of our customer base. In 2011, new business opportunities developed quickly due to an automotive material shift from steel to aluminum. We needed to react quickly to meet the demands of our customer base. This new and growing demand relied on the rapid R & D of technology which we did not have. We immediately called Palmer and worked together on the development of this new technology which is currently Patent Pending. As a result of Palmer’s responsiveness, machine design engineering, and testing capabilities, we became an industry leader, which enabled our customer to be first to market utilizing our newly developed technology. We are pleased to work so closely with such a professional and technically excellent company.”