Finite Element Analysis

Palmer Associates has offered Finite Element Analysis for virtual testing of parts and structures for over twenty five years. Our analysis capabilities can be used as an integral part of the whole machine design process. Plus it can also be used for failure analysis investigation of a single component.

When testing and analysis is incorporated into the design process, they provide a clear indication of potential problems…problems that can be corrected before costly production begins.

Using the latest modeling, analysis, and post-processing software, we offer static and dynamic analysis capability for complex assemblies such as bolted and gasketed connections and complex assemblies.

Though this computer analysis is most cost-effective when done at concept or design stage, it can also be conducted on an existing part to predict or determine failure. Our practical, design-oriented approach to problem solving provides rapid solutions to stress, deflection, heat transfer, and dynamic response problems. Beyond providing the results of an analysis, our evaluations, conclusions, and design recommendations help you to produce the best product in the shortest time.

Finite Element Modeling:
FEMAP Software

  • Geometry Import Capabilities
  • FEA Model Import/Export Capabilities for all major FEA codes FEA element analysis

FEA Element Analysis: NE/Nastran Software

Linear Static

  • Thermal Stress and Deflection
  • Prestress

Nonlinear Static

  • Large Displacement and Rotation

Normal Modes

  • Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes Buckling


  • Critical Loads and Mode Shapes

Dynamic Response (Mechanical Vibrations)

  • Transient Response
  • Frequency Response
  • Random Vibration

Linear and Nonlinear Steady State Heat Transfer

  • Conduction, Convection, and Radiation
  • Temperature Dependent Material Properties and Loads

Nonlinear Transient Heat Transfer