News Items

  1. December 3, 2015, four Palmer Associates, Inc employees, Marvin Karl Himmelein, Gerald L. Ames, James Edward Gerdeman, and Pete Miller, Along with David Kisela of Owens-Brockway Glass Container Inc. and Daniel S. Sabo were noted Inventors on United States Patent (US 2105/0346008A1) in Fluid Flow Testing. The Patent is assigned to Owens-Brockway Glass Container, Inc.


  1. January 11, 2015 Palmer Engineers along with former ECT (Electrostatic Coating Technologies) employees reached an agreement to offer electrostatic oilers under the brand name Engineered Coating Technology (ECT) by Palmer. Under this brand name, we will offer a complete line of Electrostatic oilers. For more information, please click here (ECTbyPalmer information)


  1. In April 2014, Tariq Alkhairy has been named CEO for Palmer Associates. Tariq has been an Engineer for over 30 years. He has designed and developed many products throughout those years. Those products include variable speed electric motors for HVAC application to Electrostatic actuators for aircraft application. In addition to his Engineering experience, Tariq has been an owner of several business for the last 15 years; the majority realizing significant growth while under his leadership.  His combination of Engineering/Mechanical competence coupled with a solid business acumen results in financially sound and strategic growth of business. Tariq has received a MSME from SUNY University of Buffalo and received his MBA from Washington University, St. Louis.

“Our company was severely impacted by the economic downturn which crippled the automotive industry. This industry by far makes up the majority of our customer base. In 2011, new business opportunities developed quickly due to an automotive material shift from steel to aluminum. We needed to react quickly to meet the demands of our customer base. This new and growing demand relied on the rapid R & D of technology which we did not have. We immediately called Palmer and worked together on the development of this new technology which is currently Patent Pending. As a result of Palmer’s responsiveness, machine design engineering, and testing capabilities, we became an industry leader, which enabled our customer to be first to market utilizing our newly developed technology. We are pleased to work so closely with such a professional and technically excellent company.”