Meet Our Staff

Tariq Alkhairy

CEO and Managing Partner

Tariq has been an Engineer for over 30 years. He has designed and developed many products throughout those years. Those products include everything from variable speed electric motors for HVAC application to Electrostatic actuators for aircraft application. In addition to his Engineering experience, Tariq has been an owner of several business for the last 15 years; the majority realizing significant growth while under his leadership.  His combination of Engineering/Mechanical competence coupled with a solid business acumen results in financially sound and strategic growth of business. Tariq has received a MSME from SUNY University of Buffalo and received his MBA from Washington University, St. Louis.


Marv Himmelein

Senior Engineer

Marv has been designing, developing and testing machinery over 40 years. From micro load cells to off-highway mining machinery, he has performed and supervised analysis, design, testing, troubleshooting, and failure analysis. He is a recognized expert witness and has written and presented a number of technical papers in stress analysis, modeling similitude, and fatigue. He holds a BSME from the University of Toledo and a MSME from Purdue University. He has held leadership positions in many technical and community organizations and has started and managed several small businesses.


Gerry Ames

Senior Engineer

Gerry has shown ingenuity and creativity in machine design for over 40 years. From high speed glass and metal container handling to ice cream novelty production equipment, his thoroughness and ability to identify and solve problems has enabled Palmer Associates to help our clients be industry leaders. Whether the issues relate to accurate high speed parts handling, or bulk material issues, Gerry has the tools to produce cost effective solutions. His broad background and experience make him an efficient project leader and comprehensive technical source.


Jack B. Anderson

Senior Engineer

Jack received his BSME from Tri-State University, Angola, Indiana. He has been a licensed Professional Engineer since 1984. He has extensive machine design experience in the design of polymer process equipment: stirred tube reactor, flat plate heat exchangers, devolatilizers, gear pumps and polystyrene foam dies. He has designed polymer process mechanical equipment from pilot line size to commercial capacity size. Jack provided the design, project management, fab and assembly support for multiple automated casting lines that produce high efficiency insulated blanket for the refining and energy industry. His technical affiliations include Toledo Society of Professional Engineers and American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Dave Kohler

Senior Engineer

Dave has been a Professional Engineer for over 25 years. He specializes in all types of machine design – from commercial packaging machines to high speed automation to improvements for existing equipment. He sees projects through from beginning to end, including concept, quoting, engineering, build and startup. Dave has worked at Palmer Associates from the age of 16, through college to present. He holds a BSME degree from the University of Toledo. Dave thrives on challenging and innovative projects.


Craig Finch

Manager of Industrial Product Design/Development & Testing

Craig has been with Palmer for 49 years. He has worked on automotive, military, consumer, medical, pharmaceutical, and production process programs. Craig is a talented industrial designer. Beside functionality, Craig pays special attention to the aesthetic and ergonomic aspect of the product. Craig is also a “hands-on” individual. He has designed specific test events for proving grounds and managed off road/over the road test programs for military, agricultural, construction vehicles, highway trucks and commercial vehicles. In addition, Craig has designed and performed life cycle testing for vehicle components and other structures. He has a thorough understanding of vehicle instrumentation including strain gage and stress coat application, testing and data analysis.


Peter S. Miller

Senior Electrical Engineer

Peter has designed electronics for industrial instrumentation, including sub-microvolt amplifiers, motion controllers, and digital-analog circuits. He has written software for data collection, process control and machine control. Peter has designed systems for data capture and analyzed process data in evaluating process/machine performance and problems. He has designed multi-axis motion control systems, including motor selection, coupling ratio, stability, positioning accuracy, speed, acceleration and jerk. He as designed PLC-based controls with touch screen HMI’s for continuous processes and multi-path sequences. He has designed and documented industrial controls to meet UL, NEC, NFPA 79, NFPA 70E and European standards. Peter received a BSEE from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from the University of Toledo.


Chris Ferrell

Controls Engineer

Chris has been involved in the design, commissioning and modification of control systems in many industries.  With experience varying from electrohydraulic controls in plastic injection blow mold machines, to electrical servo controls of material winding applications, Chris has the scope of skills to tackle the most challenging controls applications.  Chris received his BSEE from The Ohio State University.


Jim Gerdeman

Senior Designer

Jim has been with Palmer Associates for 46 years. His strength is starting the machine design from “clean sheet”. Then carrying through detailing, fabricating, installing, and debugging until the machine is ready for production. Some of Jim’s work include high speed in-mold labeling equipment, spin welding, RFID assembly, spout welding & inserting, high speed inspection, laser etching, transfer & stacking, packaging, de-flashing, bottle trimming, material handling, and insulating equipment for LNG tankers.


Marty McClanahan

Mechanical Engineer

Marty has been an Engineer for over 30 years. He has designed, developed and manufactured many products throughout those years. Products range from high speed web printing equipment to web processed semi-conductors. He has broad experience in design and manufacturing, which produces product designs that are cost effectively manufactured. In addition to his Engineering experience, Marty has provided support to many manufacturing teams with a focus on cost efficient, high volume manufacturing. His skill set includes 9 years of SolidWorks 3D modeling experience with Finite Element Analysis. He has received a BMET degree from the University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio.

Greg Barnhart

Mechanical Engineer & Designer

Greg has a diversified work profile ranging from designing CNC glass grinding, glass drilling and XY referencing equipment to the layout of architectural and structural glass wall systems.  His knowledge and experience has lead him into helping in design a biofuel emulsification unit and a milk pouch packaging line.  Greg has also worked with material handling and conveying equipment for the glass processing and plastic bottle industries.  In the past 9 years, Greg has expanded his knowledge base to include plastic bottle finishing equipment, layout of architectural and structural glass wall systems and testing of mechanical equipment and vehicle components.  Greg has received a BSME from The University of Toledo.


Michael Weithman


Michael has been involved in mechanical design for 22 years, 20 of which have been with Palmer Associates, Inc. In that time Michael has specialized in custom rotary die / printing press machinery, speed reducers and gearboxes as well as contributing to numerous design projects involving conveying, trimming, and inspection of glass and plastic containers. Michael graduated from Owens Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in 1999, returning in 2006 to complete a Quality Assurance Certificate program.



“For more than 15 years the team at Palmer & Associates has supported ATI’s product development activities through detailed and accurate testing. Palmer knows the applications well and is always looking for opportunities to improve product performance through detailed examination of testing results”